An open day at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant, the largest military aircraft factory on Lake Baikal and in Russia

The decisive aviation show decided to celebrate its anniversary the largest enterprise for the construction of military aircraft in Russia - the Irkutsk Aviation Plant.
The program includes the most spectacular show of aviation equipment, in which the famous two-seat multi-functional fighters Su-30SM, which have no analogues worldwide, will take part!
Entrance of visitors to the aircraft factory will be open from 9-00 a.m. to 12-30.
Already from 9-00 in the morning will be displays of aircraft
From 11-00 to 12-00 there will be a demonstration show of Sigma radio-controlled aircraft models
From 12-00, demonstration flights of aviation military equipment of Russia.

Important information on the passage to the territory of the Irkutsk Aviation Plant as part of the "Open Day" on Lake Baikal. ⠀
On August 17, 2019, a holiday dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the Irkutsk Aviation Plant will be held at the airport. ⠀
On the territory of the airfield, platforms will be organized for demonstrating aircraft and performances by creative teams. ⠀
Entrance of guests and employees of the IAP to the territory will be through the Central Gate of the Irkutsk Aviation Plant on Lake Baikal - a branch of PJSC Irkut Corporation from 09-00 to 12-30. ⠀
⚠ ⠀
All citizens of the Russian Federation over 14 years old must have a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, or a wearable pass to the Irkutsk Aviation Plant on Lake Baikal. Entrance of children under 14 years old accompanied by adults. ⠀
Guests will leave at the gates of the central checkpoints and the northern gates, from the direction of Gravel Street. ⠀
Given the insufficient number of parking spaces near the Irkutsk Aviation Plant and the blocking of the roadway section of Novatorov Street, please use public transport. ⠀
Please note that on the territory of the Irkutsk Aviation Plant on Lake Baikal - a branch of PJSC Irkut Corporation, the following is prohibited:

1. weapons (firearms, gas, pneumatic, cold and other types of weapons); ⠀
2. explosives (ammunition, pyrotechnic means); ⠀
3. poisonous, poisonous, toxic and narcotic, flammable substances; ⠀
4. alcohol-containing liquids; ⠀
5. liquids in glass containers and opaque packaging (tetropack); ⠀
6. any kind of balloons. ⠀
In order to ensure security, entry into the territory of the IAP will be carried out after passing through the inspection procedure.
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