Irkutsk City Day - June 1

Festive events on the Day of the city gather more than 140 thousand people. The most popular of these events were the traditional costume procession, a concert on the main square with the participation of folk artists, popular Russian pop stars, as well as a festive salute on the Lower Embankment.

Traditionally, during the concert, the mayor of the city of Irkutsk will be congratulated on the main square.

On the City Day, traditional district competitions take place. The Right Bank, Lenin, Sverdlovsk and October districts compete in four categories: “Creativity”, “Sport”, “Volunteering” and “Childhood”.

The Day of the city ended with a festive firework on the Lower Quay. It lasted eight minutes, during which more than a thousand volleys were launched into the sky accompanied by musical accompaniment.

Special places were organized to view the festive procession and concert for people with disabilities, volunteers provided necessary assistance.