Strawberry Festival "Victoria-2019" from July 12 to July 14

The most berry festival of the Siberian summer is the Victoria Strawberry Festival held in Baikalsk - the real strawberry capital of Eastern Siberia.

Fragrant and so tender that just melts in your mouth. Or - with spicy sourness. Locals know a lot about strawberries, they grow dozens of its varieties. Local gardeners believe that thanks to the special microclimate of Baikal and the ecologically clean nature, their strawberries are the most fragrant and healthy. Berry planted all free land. Strawberry plantations stretch for miles.

The Victoria Festival is held annually, starting in 2009, and is accompanied by a large competitive and entertainment program. While the artists perform on the stage, the chefs compete in the preparation of desserts. Puddings, cakes of various shapes and sizes, cakes and fruit drinks. Local mistresses say they know a thousand recipes. Guests of the festival taste sweet treats and choose the best chefs.

Traditionally, the festival held a beauty contest "Miss Victoria", master classes, children's game programs. There is also a fair of culinary “strawberry masterpieces” and the opportunity to purchase strawberries in large quantities!