4th regional summer festival of the Scandinavian walk "Baikal Nordic" - August 2019

How to become healthy and forget about illnesses, to get a good physical exertion and at the same time not to strain too much? One of the most accessible and effective ways is Nordic walking, which is becoming more popular every year in Baikalsk.

Walking through the woods is pleasant: it does not take much effort, unlike training in the gym, it does not require material costs. The features of our city also contribute to this sport: in half an hour you can get from the center to the pine forest and enjoy a walk in the fresh air, saturated with phytoncides.

Join, test your strength in walking!

At such events you charge with energy, you show by your own example that it is easy to lead a healthy lifestyle, and you can be an athlete at any age.

Baikalsk BGK "Sobolinaya Mountain"