Ice Sculpture Festival on Baikal. Baikal ice.

Among foreigners, Lake Baikal is of greatest interest in winter, when the surface of Lake Baikal is ice-bound and the landscapes of the lake are completely transformed by fabulous, winter splendor, reaching its greatness in February-March.

At this time, the ice of Lake Baikal becomes the most durable, its thickness reaches 1 meter, in the bays the thickness can be more than 2 meters.

In order for the trip to Lake Baikal to be the most complete, interesting, when planning it, you should definitely take into account a lot of interesting events that follow in a bright sequence one after another on Lake Baikal. One of these events was the annual festival of ice sculpture on Lake Baikal.

In 2020, the festival will see its beginning on February 22 in the village of Listvyanka. The icy expanse of the lake will be decorated with an ice town with carved ice sculptures extending against the backdrop of the mountains of Lake Baikal. The skill of sculptors performing unique creations from Baikal ice amazes with their professional level and artistic merit. During the days of the festival of ice sculptures on Lake Baikal, a stage is established, festive concerts and events are held.

To entertain guests of Listvyanka, there are many attractions available:

- dog sledding trips on the ice of Lake Baikal;

- hour tours of Lake Baikal at Khivus (hovercraft);

- visiting the galleries of ice sculptures of Baikal ice;

- climb the Chersky rock;

- the opportunity to taste traditional dishes of Russian cuisine, as well as Baikal omul and much more.

Listvyanka village, this small village on the shore of Lake Baikal and stretched along the bay for 5 kilometers, so finding a venue for the festival of ice sculptures on Lake Baikal will not be any difficulty.