Festival "Open Water" - May 25-26, 2019

The festival “OPEN WATER” is a unique event for our region, dedicated to the opening of the water season, navigation, a vibrant blooming spring and a good, almost summer, mood of the residents of our city!

1) Baikal Wave Water Motor Tournament - You will not see two identical starts!

2) Competition of field kitchen "Taiga gourmet" - Cooked on the nature of food, as art!

3) “Golden sliver” lumberjacks tournament - Root, shoulder! Swing, hand!

4) “Photo Contest - Open Water” - Participate in amateur photography competition and get prizes!

5) Tournament in power all-around "Cross Battle" - Breathe deep, hands wide, do not hurry, three or four!

6) Concert and entertainment program - Concert and entertainment program throughout the day!

May 25 - 26

Sunny Beach, Sunny Road Park (near the Angara icebreaker), coastal and water part of the bay/ https://www.openwaterfest.ru