Karl Marks street


Karl Marx street (formerly Bolshaya, Bolshaya Perspektivnaya) is a street in the right Bank district of Irkutsk, one of the two main and one of the oldest streets of the city.

Length — 2350 m. Located in the historic center between the parallel streets of Gorky and Dzerzhinsky. It goes from South-West to North-East of Gagarin Boulevard to the intersection with the street of the October Revolution. 

How Karl Marx street appeared in Irkutsk.

In 1726, on the instructions of Sava Raguzinsky Posad in Irkutsk was surrounded by a shaft with a palisade and a moat, which stretched from the river Angara to the river Ushakovka. By 1760, the palisade was dilapidated, the moat partially crumbled. According to the decision of the magistrate, the remains of the fortifications were destroyed, a new street was built in their place, which was called — Bolshaya Perspektivnaya, in common parlance — Bolshaya.

In 2009, Karl Marx street was sold out with its historical name.

On April 23, 2013, the scientific and practical conference "Bolshaya street in faces and events" dedicated to the history of the street was held. The second conference is scheduled for April 2014.

On November 24, 2013, the Olympic torch relay took place on Karl Marx street.

In 2013, the presentation of Karl Marx street landscaping project was held.

In 2018, about 150 large-sized seedlings were planted on Karl Marx street as part of the "My green city" campaign: white poplar, ash, cherry Maak, large-leaved elm, Linden and spruce.

Historic buildings are located on the street:
- The case of the Irkutsk state University;
- Management of the East Siberian railway;
- Department of nature of Irkutsk regional Museum of local lore;
- House of officers;
- Ensemble of buildings of the Museum of the East Siberian Department of the Imperial Russian geographical society;
- The building of the city drama theatre;
- Karl Marx street is the Central transport artery of the city, it is carried out by buses and taxis.

When visiting lake Baikal, it is necessary to visit this historical attraction, as well as the island of Olkhon or the village of Listvyanka on lake Baikal.