Znamensky Monastery


The first building of the monastery complex was a wooden church, built in 1689-1693. For half a century, the building fell into disrepair, and in 1757 a new, stone-built church was laid out at the expense of the local merchant Ivan Bechevin, the first Nicholas chapel of which was consecrated in 1760. By the end of the 19th century. The monastery consisted of a whole complex of religious and household buildings, including workshops, a bakery, a greenhouse, several schools, a hospital and a shelter.

In the 20s. 20 in. the monastery was closed, leaving only the church in charge of the clergy. However, later it was closed, placing repair shops and garages in its walls. From 1928 to 1953 a seaplane base was located on the territory of the monastery, due to the activity of which the monastery itself and its territory were severely damaged: the monuments and tombs of many of the Decembrists and Irkutsk figures buried here were completely destroyed.

The Decembrists Shelikhov, Panov, Mukhanov, Beschastnov, the wife of the Decembrist Trubetskoy with children, representatives of famous merchants families rest in the territory of the monastic necropolis. The impregnable relics of St. Innocent (Kulchytsky), part of the relics of St. Sophronius (Kristievsky), the remains of the second bishop Innokenty (Nerunovich), recognized as a local venerable saint, are buried in the monastery.

In 2015, writer Valentin Rasputin was buried in the monastery.

When visiting Lake Baikal, it is imperative to visit this historical landmark, as well as Olkhon Island or Listvyanka village on Lake Baikal.