Eternal Flame Irkutsk


The Eternal Flame Memorial is dedicated to the memory of Siberian warriors who fell in battles on the battlefields of the German fascist invaders.

The decision on its construction was made by the Irkutsk Regional Committee of the CPSU in early 1975. The project of the complex was developed by the chief architect of the city V. N. Fedorin, the main artist V. G. Smagin and the engineer R. M. Mavrina. And the whole Irkutsk memorial was built by hundreds and hundreds of people: workers, employees, students, soldiers, schoolchildren. Marble details and facing plates from Siberian marble were processed by Slyudyanka stone-cutters. The memorial was created in a very short time, he was ready for the Victory Day. Three railway workers were sent to Moscow to deliver fire from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. On April 29, 1975, an act was signed in the building of the Moscow City Council, the envoys of Irkutsk received a capsule with Moscow land, scorched by the battles of 1941, and lit a torch. On May 8, thousands of Irkutsk people gathered on the banks of the Angara, where the Eternal Flame of Glory was to be lit. From the territory of the wagon depot on an armored personnel carrier with an honorary escort torch was taken to the memorial. The silver sounds of fanfare sounded: “Listen to everyone!” After the ceremonial speeches N.V. Bannikov, member of the CPSU Central Committee, first secretary of the Irkutsk Regional Committee of the CPSU, lit the Eternal Flame. The words carved on marble burned with gold: “Together with all the people you forged the victory, Siberia”.

Poems for the memorial were written by Irkutsk poet Mark Sergeyev. Nowadays the place of the former Irkutsk burg is one of the favorite parts of the Irkutsk people. They often come to the alleys, filled with calm and coolness, to places that cast reflections on the past, on those who fell in fierce battles for the freedom of our Motherland on the margins of World War II. They come to think, remember, shut up, touch the most ancient stones of the city. At the Eternal Flame, the pioneer post No. 1 has been established. The youth of the city — the pioneers and schoolchildren — proudly carries an honor guard here.

When visiting Lake Baikal, it is imperative to visit this historical landmark, as well as Olkhon Island or Listvyanka village on Lake Baikal.