Ethnographic Museum of Taltsy on Baikal (Museum of wooden architecture)


What is interesting to see on lake Baikal for tourists?

Museum "Taltsy" is a unique collection of historical, architectural and ethnographic monuments of 17-20 centuries. The open-air Museum complex attracts visitors with the opportunity to get acquainted with the material and spiritual culture of the peoples of the Baikal region. 

The Museum is located in close proximity to lake Baikal.

The Museum retrospectively recreates four historical and cultural zones: Russian, Buryat, Evenk and Tofalar. Russian Angara-Ilim exposition zone, which contains monuments of wooden architecture of the Baikal region of the 17th - early 20th centuries, mainly exported from the territory of the Bratsk and Ust-Ilim districts of the Irkutsk region, is represented by several groups.

The Museum complex of "Parish village", recreating the administrative center of the late 19th - начала20 centuries, includes a set of "Township Board", the parish school, a manor house of the parish clerk, the manor of the town of Cossack. Its main attraction - unique monuments of history and architecture of defense and cultural architecture: Spasskaya road tower (1667) and the Kazan Church (1679) Ilim fortress.

The funds of the Museum "Taltsy" have more than 20 thousand exhibits. Every year it is visited by about 140 thousand people. Traditional folk festivals held in the Museum: Christmas, Maslenitsa, Easter, Trinity. Around the "Talc" unite masters who possess the skills of weaving, weaving from vines, making of birch bark and clay. Under the workshops adapted several peasant houses in which craftsmen share the secrets of skill and demonstrate their products.

It is especially worth visiting the Taltsy Museum during the concerts of the most famous and unique of its kind Russian folk ensemble "Krassnaya Gorka", under the guidance of Honored Choir Leader, nomenant of numerous awards, a man of the rarest talent and exceptional artistic taste of Andrey Syrtsov!


When visiting lake Baikal, it is necessary to visit this historical attraction, as well as the island of Olkhon or the village of Listvyanka on lake Baikal.

Entrance costs 250 RUB., for students, preschoolers and pensioners — 100 RUB. Website.

Entrance to the days of cultural events will cost from 150 to 300 RUB per visitor.

Address: Administration — Irkutsk, ul. Gryaznova, 22. The Museum is 47 km from Irkutsk on the Baikal highway.

Official website: