Pamyatnik pervoprokhodtsam, ili pamyatnik Yakovu Pokhabovu V den' prazdnovaniya 350-letiya Irkutska v gorode otkryt pamyatnik osnovatelyam goroda.


On the day of the celebration of the 350th anniversary of Irkutsk, a monument to the founders of the city was opened in the city.

The figure with a height of 5.2 meters reflects a collective image of a Russian person going to the East to "see new pieces of land." The authors of the monument were sculptor Mikhail Pereyaslavets and architect Yuri Volchok. They placed a monument on the banks of the Angara River, just at the place where in 1661 the ostrog was laid by a detachment of explorers led by the boyar son Jacob Pokhabov. The monument to the pioneers stands on the brow of Nizhnyaya Embankment street in such a way that from the city - from Sukhbaatar street and from the side of the boulevard - it seems as if Yakov Pokhabov is taking the first step from the embankment. According to the authors, the conqueror of Siberia simultaneously says goodbye to the past, taking one last look at the river, and assesses the upcoming work on laying the future of the city.

When visiting Lake Baikal, it is imperative to visit this historical landmark, as well as Olkhon Island or Listvyanka village on Lake Baikal.