Museum of retro technology and Soviet life


The museum of retro-technology and Soviet life was born out of the nostalgia of its creator. Accidentally stumbled upon the announcement of the sale of the Izh-49 motorcycle (exactly the one that drove at 13 years old), Vladimir Astafyev could not resist and bought an “iron horse”. Then there were "Minsk" and other acquisitions.

In 2014, when there were about a dozen motorcycles, the museum was born. Acting governor of our region Sergey Levchenko took part in its opening.

Today there are fifty motorcycles in the museum's collection. scooter mopeds and more than 30 cars of 1939-1990. Both domestic and foreign vehicles are presented, for example, the 1948 BMW motorcycle. Despite the venerable age, all the exhibits were restored and on the go.

The exhibits of the museum participate in a festive column on the Day of the city of Irkutsk, motor rallies on memorable dates, are exhibited in the trade complexes of the city, on other venues. May 19, 2018 military vehicles from the museum's collection were exhibited as part of the reconstruction of a tank battle at the Irkutsk Landfill. And in October of the same year, the exhibition of the museum’s exhibits became an organic addition to the celebrations in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Kishinev Vocational School. N.P. Trapeznikova.

Also, several thousand smaller exhibits (clothes, electronics, household items, etc.) were collected in the museum, and the interiors of typical apartments of different historical periods were restored: from the 1860s to the 1980s. More than once in these interiors came to make a movie.

The retro-museum is special because it allows you to literally touch the past. Any exhibit can be touched, tried on, photographed, you can sit behind the wheel of many cars and motorcycles. Those who visited him, must come back again, bring their friends and acquaintances to a rendezvous with the Soviet era.

Also in the museum you can spend a children's holiday, birthday, photo session. Some exhibits can be rented for your own events.

During the work of the museum, more than 20,000 people visited it, including tourists and delegations from Vietnam, China, the United States and other countries. The guests of the museum were deputies of the State Duma and the Legislative Assembly of the region, the regional minister of culture and other officials. The children from the social rehabilitation center visited the museum free of charge.

Today the “Retro-Museum” is a whole museum complex, including the buildings at Podgornaya, 27. Sofia Perovskaya, 10, and the territory between them. Recently a new pavilion was opened. The exhibition occupies several floors and waits for its guests daily from 10.00 to 19.00.


St. Podgornaya, 27.

St. Sophia Perovskaya, 10.

Tel. 8 (3952) 93-16-34



Instagram: baikal_shaman

Opening hours: daily from 10.00 to 19.00

Ticket price (in one branch)

Adult: 1st floor - 200 rubles, 1st + 2nd floor - 300 rubles,

Students and pensioners: 1st floor - 150 rubles, 1st + 2nd floor - 250 rubles,

School children: 1st floor - 100 rubles, 1st + 2nd floor - 150 rubles,

Children under 6 years old and people over 75 are free.

When visiting two branches for the second 50% discount. By prior arrangement discounts are available for organized groups.

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