Fantastic country - Lukomorye on Lake Baikal (permanent exhibition of wooden sculptures)


Every year in the village of Savvateevka, near Angarsk, the International Festival of Wooden Sculpture "Lukomorye on Baikal" is held. 154 applications were submitted for participation in the event. The organizing committee approved the participation of 25 teams, which included 50 sculpturing artists from eight countries (Russia, Peru, Mongolia, China, Lithuania, Italy, Belarus and Bangladesh).

After the festival, the sculptures made replenish the exposition of wooden sculptures of the Lukomorye Park on Lake Baikal. When visiting the settlement of Listvyanka on Lake Baikal, Lukomorye Park should definitely be included in the list of attractions that you must visit.

During the festival days, the organizers will hold various master classes for visitors to the park.

“Twice the wooden sculpture festival“ Lukomorye on Baikal ”won first place in the All-Russian competition of event tourism of the national prize Russian Event Awards and was awarded the status of“ National Event ”, said Ekaterina Slivina, head of the Tourism Agency of the Irkutsk Region.

The International Wooden Sculpture Festival “Lukomorye on Baikal” (formerly “Lukomorye”) was first held in 2011. For eight years, more than one hundred sculptors from different countries of the world (Mexico, Japan, Denmark, Iran, Germany, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Belgium, etc.) took part in it, as well as masters from almost all regions of Russia. Now the pine sculpture parks, located in the village of Savvateevka and on the Baikal Highway, are the only ones in the world where there are sculptures made of pine all year round. The total number of wood sculptures over the years has hundreds.

Irkutsk region, Angarsk district, p. Savvateevka, st. Club, 4

You can get to Lukomorye either by your own car or by the bus number 105, which leaves from the Angarsk bus station (you can get on the Yermak HC). You can find out the schedule of bus number 105 to Savvateevka by phone. 8 (3955) 523-943

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