Baikal Marble pit


Baikal Marble quarry. 

One of the greatest historical attractions is located on the shore of lake Baikal, 4 hours away by car from Irkutsk. Baikal marble quarry (the age of marble in this Deposit is more than 2 billion years).

The quarry on lake Baikal, where snow-white rock was extracted, is located on a high point, where you can see the old Russian village and lake Baikal itself with the mountain river flowing into it. Having settled down under the sun on the slope of the Baikal rocks lie huge snow-white blocks several meters long, and smooth, many-meter-high vertical walls that fascinate the spirit go down.

According to geologists, the marble Deposit on lake Baikal covers an area of more than 18 kilometers long, and the quality of the stone is so good that it is possible to see sunlight through a tile 3 centimeters thick.

When visiting lake Baikal, you must visit this historical landmark, as well as Olkhon island or Listvyanka village on lake Baikal.