Booking VIVA Hostel Irkutsk, ul. Sukhe Bator, 8 (Center of the city of Irkutsk)

VIVA Hostel - The most affordable hostel in Irkutsk and Baikal.

At VIVA Hostel everything is created for the comfort of our guests:



Separate rooms with TVs
Locally shared rooms


SPA Relax room with dry sauna



Equipped shared kitchen


Separate showers



Free WI FI throughout VIVA Hostel Irkutsk
Daily sanitation and disinfection on the territory of the Hostel



Free city maps of Irkutsk

Where is VIVA Hostel located?

- VIVA Hostel - The most affordable hostel, located 100 meters

- from the main square of Irkutsk - the square named after Kirov. 

- 20 meters Valentin Rasputin Museum;

- 40 meters from the hostel Irkutsk House of Folk Art,

- 70 meters to the Art Museum of the city of Irkutsk. Sukacheva;

- 300 meters to the Catholic Church, which houses the organ hall;

- 350 meters to the Epiphany Cathedral;

- 50 meters to a public transport stop (Suhe Bator);

- 150 meters to a public transport stop (Art Museum).




Using the booking form you can book accommodation in the VIVA Hostel of Irkutsk. Affordable, located in the very center of the Irkutsk hostel (similar to hotels in Irkutsk, however, significantly benefiting in the price range). (not far from the railway station of Irkutsk and Irkutsk airport) Address: Irkutsk, ul. Sukhe-Batora, d. 8.t. + 7-952-634-82-82

The history of cheap hostels in Irkutsk (analogues of Irkutsk hotels). Hostel Irkutsk. Viva hostel.
Before we tell you when the first cheap hostel in Irkutsk appeared (cheap hotels in Irkutsk), let's find out what this hostel is all about. (including hostels in Irkutsk)

According to the official definition of the Hostel (English Hostel “hostel”) is a European accommodation system that provides its guests with accommodation for a short or long term, which is usually a sleeping place without extra amenities in the room. (like hostels in Irkutsk, budget hotels in Irkutsk)
Most hostels in Irkutsk (cheap Irkutsk hotels), including budget hostels in Irkutsk, are based on the same principle.

The first similarity of hostels in Irkutsk appeared in the 90s, when adopting western experience created the first inexpensive hostel in Irkutsk, intended primarily for foreign tourists to stay in Irkutsk. Cheap hostel in Irkutsk was located very profitable. Hostel in Irkutsk is located close to the airport, also Irkutsk hostel near the railway station.

A special feature was the central location of the first Irkutsk hostel (cheap hotel). The Irkutsk hostel was located near the central square of Irkutsk (Kirov square). From where sights of the city of Irkutsk became very conveniently accessible.

Then hostels in Irkutsk (cheap hotels in the center of Irkutsk) began to gain more and more popularity and were used for inexpensive accommodation of guests of Irkutsk, groups of schoolchildren coming to excursion to Irkutsk began to stay there as an alternative to Irkutsk hotels. Moreover, when placing large groups of children in low-cost hostels of Irkutsk and low-cost hotels, the price for the accommodation (accommodation) in Irkutsk plays a crucial role. The best hostels were located near the railway station located in the very center of Irkutsk (cheap hotels in Irkutsk).

To choose a hostel in Irkutsk (cheap hotels), there is no need to deeply research this market. As a rule, the most affordable and affordable hostels of Irkutsk are concentrated in the city center, like the VIVA Hostel (VIVA Hostel), with a very convenient transport infrastructure, so I can consider that these hostels of Irkutsk (Irkutsk budget hotels) are located near the Irkutsk Airport, as well as hostels near the railway station of Irkutsk.
One should not confuse the actual central location of low-cost hostels in Irkutsk and low-cost hotels in Irkutsk with the location reflected on the booking sites, since it is highly distorted and low-cost hostels of Irkutsk and low-cost hotels that are really located in the center (100 meters) can be removed from center to a distance of 500 meters, while others, hostels located in small secondary streets of Irkutsk, closer to the center of the city. Therefore, when choosing a cheap hostel in Irkutsk or a cheap affordable hotel in Irkutsk, you need to be guided by a map relative to the central square (Kirov square). Indeed, in the very center of Irkutsk there is only one hostel in Irkutsk (cheap hotel) - VIVA Hostel (VIVA Hostel).
Currently there are about 40 hostels in Irkutsk, probably the most central location among them and the most accessible hostel in Irkutsk is VIVA Hostel (Viva hostel), which has the official website of the Irkutsk hostel Hostel Irkutsk (Viva hostel) is located near the central square of Irkutsk (Kirov) in the building of the famous old cafe "Pancake" in Irkutsk.

Historically, hostels, like the hostels of Irkutsk, are a kind of symbiosis of European apartments, Russian apartment houses and American motels, which hundreds of years ago offered to picky travelers an inexpensive place to stay.

Do you know when the first hostel appeared? At the beginning of the 20th century, the school teacher realized that during excursions and trips children need to stop somewhere for the night. So the idea of ​​a hostel was born - the most economical and affordable overnight stay. Over time, hostels have become a budget option for all travelers and not necessarily young people, such affordable and affordable hostels are located in Irkutsk.

On the other hand, in cheap hostels of Irkutsk (cheap hotels in Irkutsk) you can get:
travel from the hostel of Irkutsk to the bus station or airport;
free Wi-Fi;
equipped kitchen for cooking;
and in the bilise from the hostel in the center of Irkutsk, many cafes where you can eat tasty and inexpensive.

In addition, in inexpensive hostels in Irkutsk located near the airport and the railway station with official websites and reservation systems, hostels in the center of Irkutsk have superior rooms with a king-size bed and a TV.